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When software engineers talk about Design Patterns, they usually talk about established and reusable constructs or architectures that address specific problems. For the most part, Design Patterns are defined independently of programming languages. If you are new to programming, you probably still don’t know what I am talking about. Anyway, you probably used a Design Pattern at some point without knowing it. In the following, I introduce five Design Patterns that every Software Engineer should know about.

Who creates and who uses Design Patterns?

Well, everyone can. If we take a brief look into the history of Design Patterns, we…

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Do you have an application landscape with different clients that have different responsibilities? For instance, you have a web page and an app with different users and different access rights to your API. If you happen to have very many different calls, it gets tricky for the developers to keep track of which call is meant for which application and users. In this article, I present my solution that helped the developers in my team a lot.

In case you are a bit lost and/or didn’t read my previous article about Generating Swagger Code for your flutter app, I described…

This story tackles a rather common use case where you have a client-server application that communicates using an API. If you write both the client and the server, it feels very unnecessary and redundant to build all the models twice (or even more if you have different client implementations) and have to manually update the API changes. Doing this by hand is also very prone to errors. A nice way to automate this is to write the API once and generate the respective client code.

The setup in this tutorial

I implemented the sample API using Microsoft’s .Net Core 3. It is extremely fast, easy…

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Leading Backend Developer at neotiv GmbH

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